Golden Retriever Puppy Training Guide

Golden retriever puppies are truly ‘golden’ in every sense of the word. Their furry glow and lovable personalities are simply addicting. Some say goldens are the perfect family dog. They get along with people, strangers, children, and other dogs and pets. Energetic and growing fast, golden puppies do require socialization and training when they are young. So, what are the keys to golden retriever puppy training?

The first keys to golden puppy training are socializing your puppy when he/she is young, establishing leadership, and positive reinforcement. Golden puppies are excitable dogs. Daily exercise is part of the golden’s healthy diet. These dogs are famous for loving human companionship. Goldens love to swim, play games, and like to be given tasks. They can even get separation anxiety when left alone for too long. Therefore, socializing your golden when they are puppies is a must. Active dogs, it is important to establish who is in charge, or your home may be in for some chaos. Also famous for being intelligent dogs, goldens respond well to positive training. They do not require a heavy hand. For best results, use reward based training methods. Goldens are eager to please and do not respond well to the whip. Use repetition and consistency with your training. golden retriever puppies colorado

Golden puppies love to chew, so have some chew toys available to spare your furniture. They also tend to nip when young. This is best handled with a verbal ‘no’ and a chew toy. Make sure you make your house puppy safe by removing any low level toxins and sharp objects. Also establish some ground rules for your house ahead of time. What rooms are off limits? Is your puppy allowed on laps, and do you allow jumping up when greeting people? Which, if any, furniture is he/she allowed on? Start establishing consistent rules at 8-16 weeks of age, because these habits will stay with your dog. Many trainers recommend using a large box or crate, when you have to leave your young puppy unattended.

It is important to get your golden puppy used to being groomed and handled. Along with their wonderful gold coats, these dogs require regular grooming. Eventually, they should be brushed twice per week. Goldens like to swim, but may not like taking a bath! Introduce your dog to the bath little by little. First introduce your puppy to the bath with no water. Then just get the feet wet, and so forth. Goldens tend to be quiet dogs. On the other hand, don’t encourage barking or it could become a bad habit. However, goldens are naturally excited when greeting people, so don’t confuse this behavior with snarling.

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